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no, not yet.

wow last night was weird, awesome, deeefinitely spontaneous, and actually kind of cool.

we were messaging on FB randomly when le person said they were coming down this way and wanted to stop by… what. so i agreed. i have never met anyone in a Wendy’s parking lot at 2am before just because, and with no other purpose. well, safe travels to MD, my good sir. and don’t fall asleep while driving because that’s stupid. -_- 


~ The Wanted

today ish better. lots better actually. I might try eating tomorrow. Probably.

but then I have to decide: ze party…to go or not to go? How loud and boisterous is it really going to get? How many people will end up drunk and how soon and can I maybe leave before that happens? Also is it possible that the police might come? because I don’t want to be involved in that. at all. derpity. basically I’m hoping I don’t end up doing something I’ll majorly regret, like going to a place I’m not comfortable and leaving after like 5 minutes. Who knows. We’ll see. I have to decide by tomorrow.

aaaaand it’s 10:55pm, so nighty noodle, world. ^_^

As much as I thought it would be a good idea to pull an all-nighter last night to make me less tired (as opposed to getting only a couple hours sleep and then being more tired), it had the opposite effect. Yay for badly blurred/crossed vision, dizziness, and almost blacking out. And then the coffee… oh the coffee. I hope I don’t hate coffee now because that would be sad. But oops it does still affect me super strongly. Strongly enough to puke out my entire gut twice only because of the stupid coffee/hot chocolate mix I made for myself that was apparently just too much for le tummy to handle. T_T faaaail. At least I got let off from work early to go home. :s My stomach still hurts. I haven’t been this physically miserable in a long time…


it’s 7:56pm. good night.

OH. MY. QUESTIONS. SO MUCH INSPIRATIONNNNNN. thinking outside of the…*wait for it*…boxx. xD heh. Inside jokes with myself. yay.




I need character descriptions. Character details. Time. Money. I need a good camera. I need to know how to edit. I need an editing program.

this could be the start of something fantastic.

you know what? i give up. now. bye.


no i’m not imitating you, yes i did it first, no i didn’t copy you, no that freaking shirt isn’t yours, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD CAN WE ALL CALM DOWN HERE? now i really just want to cry because of how stupid my past self really was in subconscious copying and man do i hate the consequences.


how to: 「rilakkuma donuts

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